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Since the discovery of fire and cooking, man has endeavored to eat tasty and hot meals.  For backpackers wishing to take on the challenges of the wilds, they can do so and still enjoy a hot brew or freshly cooked meal without needing to rub two sticks together. 


Portable homemade backpacking stoves such as the many variations of the infamous alcohol stove have been used for a long time in Europe, by the Boy Scouts and are now just gaining popularity with ultralight backpackers and thruhikers in America.  This site is composed of a compilation of techniques and ideas dealing with commercial and do it yourself (DIY) camping stoves that use alcohol and other hiker friendly (as well as unfriendly) fuels for cooking.


If you choose to experiment with one the many DIY stoves on this site, please use common sense and read the Warnings and Disclaimer.



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