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Stoves, campfires and tinkering have always been a fascination and this site was originally posted years ago as an internet experiment.  And if you are going to experiment with the internet, why not do it with a topic which excites you.  After our initial play on the up and coming internet, this experiment became an exciting hobby and place to record notes.  This hobby later evolved into a place where we could share with others our passion stoves, how to make them, how to use them and the science behind them.


In regards to the website design, we've intentionally kept it bare bones simple and plain to allow for maximum use of screen space for text and images.  It is a bit of an old school approach, bit it hopefully allows for an easier read on the eyes.  Cut out images were done on most of the earlier photos to enhance the amount of white on each page.  This seemed like a very special feature back when the site was new and was done on images captured by a state of the art 2.0 Megapixel camera.  So basically, many of the older images are just that - older images.


In regards to stoves, we have experimented with stoves in hot dry deserts, tropical rain forests, frozen glaciers, green woodlands, in vans and hotels, and of course in our "lab".  Oh what fun it has been to play with stoves and pushing the limits in so many aspects to see what was capable.  We've been able to make stoves work under conditions where they shouldn't, tested the limits of functional capabilities of stoves and tweaked some designs for fun to see what was possible.


Judging by the traffic coming into the site, there seems to be a great many people around the world who also share an interest in stoves.  And because of this, we've left this site up and will continue to expand content to further share ways to make, modify and use stoves in all sorts of settings.  Our hope is that others can benefit from our research and experiments and enjoy the wonderful world stoving.


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