The designs, techniques and concepts found on this site were inspired by so many sources that undoubtedly many of the true inventors, creators, and publishers will be missed.  This list is far from complete, but strives to credit those wonderful folks who have made contributions to backpacking stoves.



Alcohol as a fuel

Alcohol has been used for well over a hundred years in prefabricated portable stoves as either the main fuel or to preheat stoves that use a different main fuel.

Chemistry labs use alcohol burners as a heat source for experiments.

Alcohol stoves designed for the military are used by both non-military outdoorsman and the military of many different countries in Europe.  In fact, the Swedish Trangia stoves that are just catching on in the U.S. market are nice versions of the military versions.


Open Flame Stoves

Tuna Can -

Scouts or internet maybe?

Cat Food Can -

Roy L. "TrailDad" Robinson

Ron & Don Cat Food Can Stove

Altoids can -


Paul Dryer

KF8GR Dragonfire stove

Tuna can -


Michael Connick one of the only left on the web


Low Pressure SideBurner Alcohol Stoves

Cat Food Can -

Jim Crandall's Mini Cat Can Stove

Jim Wood's Super Cat

J Falk's 4 in 1 Cat Stove

Tin Can

Mark Ziegler

Vienna Sausage can

Mark Ziegler


Open Jet Stoves and inner wall idea


The Shane Graber Stove

Scott Henderson's Pepsi Can Stove


Pressurized Jet stove

Frans Wilhelm Lindqvist invented or bought the first design in late 1800's

Thomas Tveit Rosenlund's Homemade Alcohol Burning Stove

Don Johnston's Photon Stove based on Rosenlund's design

several variants based on Don Johnson's design such as

Bill Jones

James Ball

John Bednar

KF8GR Miniphoton


Using 12oz Drink Cans

Boy Scouts

Scott Henderson

LaMar Kirby


6oz V-8 Cans

AYCE's 0.5oz V8 Stove

Byrdscouter's Photon V8 Stove

Scott Henderson

KF8GR Miniphoton

Sgt Rock Turbo V8 based on AYCE's

Sgt Rock Ion Stove




Inner Wall template - Scott Henderson

Side Wall Jet template - Tin Man


Jet size

Basic bit size and several techniques - Scott Henderson

12oz Can Side Burner - Tin Man

Use of Small Needles which led to use of small drills - Don Johnston


Side burner stoves that Use Stove as Stand

Rainmaker's Side Burner Soda Can Stove

Fuzzy's Lil' Stove

Tin Man's stove


Stove Fitting Techniques

Guinness can fitting in Pepsi can

Scott Henderson

Bending in edge of stove bottom section to facilitate sliding in top section


Cobra Stove


Stove Dress Up

High Temperature Flue Tape and Tommy Tape - Scott Henderson


Primer Pan

An idea used in old kerosene stoves

Thomas Tveit Rosenlund

Don Johnston


Fuel Container

Sta-Bil bottle - possibly Brasslite Aaron Rosenbloom


Pot Stands

Hardware Cloth - Don Johnston

Aluminum flashing or bake pan with holes -

Bill Jones

Howard Johnson

Bent Hanger - LaMar Kirby

Coffee cans -

Perry Michael Koussiafes


Michael Connick

Single Piece Folded Aluminum Flashing - Stove Stomper

Heineken Can wire mesh pot stand - HogOnIce HogOnIce's Homemade 3.7 oz. Cooking System


Simmer Accessories

Pivoting disc - Trangia

Adjustable Half Opening - C.D. Pritchard

Muffin Tins - Trailquest

Drink can lids - Scott Henderson


Stove Snuffer

Can Bottom with nice Handles - Perry Michael Koussiafes


Pot cozy

Brasslite Aaron Rosenbloom


Using Cans as Pots

Boy Scouts

Canned Heat Pot - Trailquest

Heineken Can - HogOnIce  HogOnIce's Homemade 3.7 oz. Cooking System


Solid Fuel Burner

Flipping stove over - Scott Henderson

Esbit "+" Stand - Howard Johnson


Wood Stoves

Collapsible stove - Eb "Nimblewill Nomad" Eberhart

Tin Can stove -

Ray Garlington WoodGas Stove

Rick Allnutt's CoffeeStove

Michael Connick

Windscreen stove -

Rick Allnutt's Windscreen Forge

Fan powered zip stoves -

SIERRA and EAGLE Zip Stoves

Rick Allnutt's Forge

Rick Allnutt's Windscreen Forge

Jerry Pepera's Zip Stove

Peter's Redesigned Sierra Zip Stove

Tom's Ultralight ZIP Stove - Detailed Information

SGT Rock's Wood Stove

Low Budget Gold Homemade Camping Stove * Dead Winter 2004

WoodGas Camp Stove-

Biomass Energy Foundation


Candle Lantern

Made from Pepsi can - Rick Allnutt's Tea Candle Lantern


Solar Stove

Horace de Saussure 1767


Canister Stoves

Roger Caffin has provided a lot of information and expertise in regards to canister and other stoves



Some of the images, (commercial only), on this site were found on the internet


Stove Basics

Fallingwater Kiss Stove Page


Disclaimer and Warning

These are slightly altered versions from other sites.



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Many of the ideas come from things heard or seen on the trail, the internet, from emails, from experimentation and general epiphany.  Who knows where inspiration for each idea/technique directly or indirectly originated from or if concepts were developed similar to those of others.  If you feel that you should be mentioned here, then feel free to send an email to


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