Open Flame Alcohol Stoves



Open Flame Alcohol Stoves



Open Flame Stoves tend to be very simple in design allowing for a fail proof trail system that can be easily replaced while thruhiking.  Even if you choose not to use one of these designs, it's good to know how easy it is to make one should the need arise on the trail or during an emergency survival situation.


Note - These are just some of the many DIY alcohol stove options.  For more information on different options visit Zen and the Art of the Alcohol Stove and the Templates page.



Simple Open Flame Stove


Empty 7oz Cat Food Can


Open a can, such as a 7oz aluminum cat food can, empty and wash out with soap and water.  Your done.  If you are travelling across the world and refueling with alcohol along the way, you can pick up a can of Spam or other other item (food on non-food item), consume or otherwise dispose of the items and you'll have a ready to use stove.



Small stove used in luxurious restaurant in Taipei


Simple open flame stoves are used in Asia to make simple and delicious dishes at home and in restaurants.



Top 30mm of unopened aluminum 12oz drink can


Anything from tealight cups, to metal caps, to cut down drink cans, to shaped foil, to tuna cans, to tin cans may be used.



Tealight Stoves

The small cups made for tealight candles can be used as a minimalist alcohol stove as is.  They have become quite popular due to their nominal weight, good availability, simplicity and novelty.  The term tealight stove is now used to describe any number of open cans.


See our Tealight Stove Page for more information.



Open Flame Stoves with a Wick


HogOnIce's Homemade Cooking System  Alt Link Web Archive


Wicks can be used in many alcohol stove applications. 


See our Wick Stoves page for more information on Wicks.


See our Alcohol Wick Stoves page for more information on alcohol stoves incorporating wicks.




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