Alcohol Wick Stoves



Alcohol Wick Stoves


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Wicks are often incorporated with various alcohol stove designs for various reasons.


Note - These are just some of the many DIY alcohol stove options.  For more information on different options visit Zen and the Art of the Alcohol Stove and the Templates page.


Open Flame Stoves with a Wick


Wicks can be used in many stove applications.  See our Wick Stoves page for more information on this.


Altoids Sours Tin


Find a metal can the size you want or cut down a larger can to size.  Add fiberglass insulation or perlite (volcanic rock used in insulation and horticulture) as a wick.  This wick may increase vaporization, pulls fuel up to where it can be lit and holds the fuel in the stove when moved, like a sponge.  If you are using perlite, you may want to just use the large pieces in order to decrease the amount of small pieces and powder that will leak out into your pack.  An metal screen (aluminum, brass, etc) is required to hold perlite in your stove.



One of the most innovative ultra lightweight open flame stove systems is the HogOnIce's Homemade Cooking System  Alt Link Web Archive (very similar to this).  It uses a fiberglass insulation filled tealight cup for a stove, a rolled up section of hardware cloth for the stand and an empty Heineken can for a pot.  If you use a "safety can opener" that opens cans from the side as opposed to the traditional top opening can openers to remove the top of the Heineken can, you bend up the pull tab on the top and make a tight fitting lid for your Can-Pot.



7oz Cat Food Can


If you wrap the fiberglass insulation around the inside walls of your stove (or anything else you can come up with), you may be able to increase the amount of surface area of fuel contacting oxygen and increase the rate of fuel consumption and possibly the efficiency.



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