Sterno Turbo Alcohol Stove



Sterno Turbo Alcohol Stove



The Chimney Stove above was designed after the Brasslite Turbo I Backpacking Stove.  It's made from an empty 2 5/8oz Sterno can with a 25mm diameter hole (US quarter dollar size) cut in the lid and six 1/4inch holes centered 15mm below the bottom edge of the top rim.



Sterno Turbo (Brasslite Turbo I knock-off)


The optional simmer ring is made of aluminum flashing and the stand is made from stainless steel welded wire (0.032") 1/4" Mesh (4 squares per inch) 4x28 squares (thinned out to 2x8 squares).  The primer pan is a trimmed down bottom from an aluminum chip dip can.  A 24oz Heineken Can-pot will also fit on this setup.  See the Templates Page for templates.



Mini Binder Clip Simmer Ring


Better simmering can be archived by altering the size of the top hole and side vents and/or by placing a separate Sterno lid with a smaller hole on the stove.  A simmer ring can also be made from a strip of aluminum flashing with tabs on its end folded over the two sides of a small binder clips.  This setup allows you to easily adjust the amount of air flow into the side vents without binding (less problematic).


Unibit - ideal for making or enlarging holes in thin metal


It's is important to create burr free holes to allow for a tight fitting and movable simmer sleeve.  Drilling smooth large (1/4"ish) holes can be a challenge, especially with aluminum cans.  So to accomplish this, a 2x4 carved down to fit in the stove was secured in a vice to create a hard backing for a 1/4" punch which made the indented holes in the side of the can.  A much easier way to make burr free holes is to use a Unibit (stepped bit), which works very well at making or enlarging holes.  You can also fill your can with water and freeze it before drilling to give it a firm drilling surface.


Note - This is just one of the many DIY alcohol stove options.  For more information on different options visit Zen and the Art of the Alcohol Stove and the Templates page.




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