Supplies and Tools Needed for Alcohol Stove Construction



Supplies and Tools Needed for Alcohol Stove Construction


Supplies and Tools

Basic Materials


Hole Making

Epoxies and Sealants

Stove Dress Up


Inner Wall Only

Pot Stand Only

Wick Making

Special Tools


Stove Dress Up



3M High Temperature Flue Tape is rated up to 600F (315C).  The adhesive on regular flue tape will melt and release an unpleasant odor when heated.



Tommy Tape - High temp silicone masking tapes are good up to 500F (260C).



High Temperature paint - 1200F Ceramic paints from the auto store, and barbeque paints from hardware stores work and have different qualities as far as heat, flame, alcohol, and scratch resistance and ease of paintability.  You'll have to play with different setups to find what works.




High Temperature markers - Mark Tex High Temperature Markers  are good up to 2000F and come in many colors.  You could easily make your stove look like something out of the 60's.




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