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Here are just a few methods of making a potstand for your stove and pot.  Please view our PotStand Parent Page for an intro of other options.



Other PotStand Versions


The goal is to find a lightweight method for your setup that supports your pot somewhere near 2.5-4cm or 1-1.5 inches (varies with setup) above your stove.





Notable versions:

Two Food Cans





Tent Stakes or Nails can be using in conjunction with a sheet metal windscreen in an assortment of ways.




US Patent US 6,918,387






SnowPeak Pot/Potstand



US Patent US 6,293,274 and 6,213,115

Metal from a side of a metal can may be trimmed and vented in a number of ways.




Related US Patents

822,859 - Pot similar to a Sierra Cup fits in cup with asbestos wick.  Fiberglass or Kevlar can be used in lieu of asbestos.  Similar to Heineken Doodah Man Special.





Various pieces of sheet metal may also be cut up and bent into a number of usable configurations.


Related Links:

John Beardmore's Removable Pot Feet

Full Metal Jacket .333 - a large metal bottle can be used as a potstand or windscreen for a smaller bottle


Notable US Patents:



D377582 - cup stand only, but interesting fold support




D633229 - Candle warmer

155,390 - simple tripod with straight walls will also support of pot while allowing it to ventilate upwards.


922,503 - pivoting wire stand on stove


1,283,798 - rods and chain net

1,310,830 - Similar to Wing Stove tripod

1,173,207 - Folding C's

1,310,830 - folding tripod similar to ones used on many commercial gas and petrol stoves

2,414,490 - Folding Hexamine stove

2,482,704 - very stable and secure stand


2,678,992 - spring loaded feet

2,837,081 - bottle warmer with conical bottom and cylindrical sidewalls - design can be modified for CanPots

4,032,097 - Nestable pot stands


5,125,393 - double walled pot and kettle - can take double walled mug or Thermos, cut out bottom, vent top and you have an awesome cook pot that funnels heat around pot

5,881,709 - modified X support

6,439,223 - Lantern top with x support for pot

6,868,849 - Campfire tripod

7,004,160 - single pole campfire stand




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