Can Dilator



Can Dilator



This tool is used to dilate/stretch the diameter of a can bottom so that it can fit over another can of like size.


First mark a line around the side of an empty can (20-45mm from bottom)


Use a good pair or scissors to spiral down to your circumferential mark.


If you have time and an SOS pad, smooth off the rough edge of your can bottom.


Either drill an air relief hole (left) or completely remove the bottom ridge of your can bottom (right)


Take an unopened can (red can) and carefully press it into the outer can bottom (blue can) until it bottoms out.


You should now have a dilator tool that's just a hair thicker than an unmodified unopened can.

Leave the inner can unopened for strength.


If wish, you can polish the bottom of your tool with some metal polish or a new SOS pad to help it move smoothly in and out of the can bottom to be stretched.

Option: empty can and fill with plaster which is good if you choose to use heat


To use your dilator tool, place can bottom to be stretched on a hard surface (wood or tiled floor) with the opening facing up.  Press the dilator into your can bottom while keeping it straight up and down.  If you don't have any holes drilled in your can bottom the dilator should pop back up on its own.  If you have holes drilled in your can bottom, you may never get it off once the dilator is forced into it (try rubber gloves).




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