Basic Alcohol Stove Construction



Burner Construction


Alcohol Stove Construction Introduction

Step 1 - Jets

Step 2 - Fuel Port

Step 2a - Open Jet Stove

Step 2a - Hybrid Sideburner

Step 2b - Pressurized Jet Stove

Step 2c - Chimney Stove

Step 2c - Low Pressure Sideburner

Step 3 - Trimming

Step 4 - Assembly

Step 5 - Final Touches

Build a Primer Pan

Advanced Techniques


Step 5- Final Touches

Test fire your stove and note that you may need to lower a pot to within an inch over the lit stove to get it to light all of the jets.  As needed, sand and apply a bead of epoxy over any leaks and/or run a needle or drill bit (by hand) through any jets that didn't fire up like the ones next to it.


If you built a pressure jet stove, you will need a primer pan



Optional Performance Touches for open jet stoves


Optional Aesthetic Touches

Stove wrapped in flue tape




Stove wrapped in Blue Tommy Tape




Stove painted with Blue 1200F ceramic paint



Stove polished with SOS pad




If you built a pressurized stove or want better cold weather performance -

Proceed to Build a Primer Pan




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