Basic Alcohol Stove Construction



Burner Construction


Alcohol Stove Construction Introduction

Step 1 - Jets

Step 2 - Fuel Port

Step 2a - Open Jet Stove

Step 2a - Hybrid Sideburner

Step 2b - Pressurized Jet Stove

Step 2c - Chimney Stove

Step 2c - Low Pressure Sideburner

Step 3 - Trimming

Step 4 - Assembly

Step 5 - Final Touches

Build a Primer Pan

Advanced Techniques


Build a Primer Pan


Priming pans are required for pressurized jet stoves (unless you come up with another method for preheating - candle, etc) but may also be used with hybrid sideburner jet stoves, which would allow you to set your pot on the stove and then light without needing to hold the pot above your stove while it warms up.  Primer pans may also be needed to heat up any stove in very cold weather.


Please refer to Don Johnson's Video of lighting the stove to get an idea of how use your pan.

















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