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Alcohol Stove Construction Introduction

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Burner Construction Introduction


There are many different ways to set up an alcohol stoves.  You have many options and may set up a stove in many different functional configurations.  With some ingenuity, in lieu of drink cans, you may substitute aluminum food cans, Sterno cans, air freshener cans and whatever else you can find to make stoves that are better suited for your needs/preferences.  Steel cans also work and are much more durable but are also heavier, rust and take longer to heat up. 


The follwoing instructions walk you through the basics common to most alcohol jet stoves made of aluminum drink cans (6oz V-8, 8oz/12oz drink, larger beer cans, etc.). 


For more information on different design options visit Zen and the Art of the Alcohol Stove and the Templates page.


The instructions on the following pages may be used for identically sized cans (i.e. two bottoms from 12oz cans, a top and a bottom from a 12oz can, etc) but there are several can combinations that allow you to slide one can over the other.




12oz aluminum drink can (tight fit)


Lipton’s Ice Tea

Mountain Dew

Mug Root Beer


Sierra Mist



14.9 oz Guinness (Original, Draught, Draught Bitter)

Young's Double Chocolate

John Smiths (Extra Smooth, Original Bitter and Smooth Bitter)

Boddington's (Pub Ale and Draught Beer)

Beamish Irish Stout

Caffrey’s Irish Ale

Murphy’s (Stout, Irish Stout and Draught Stout)

Stone Bitter

Tetley Draught Bitter

Worthingtons Draught Bitter

Newcastle Brown Ale

8.3oz Red Bull

5.5oz V8

2 5/8oz Sterno (loose fit)

4oz Del Monte Can Fruit (Steel-tight fit)

3oz Cat food

Hormel Spam Spread


7oz cat food

chip dip

24oz Heineken

25.4oz Fosters

5.5oz V8 (tight fit)

8.3oz Red Bull (easy fit)

6oz Tomato Paste (unridged tin can such as Hunts) (Steel)

4.5oz Toast Toppers (Steel)


12oz Drink

10 3/4oz Soup (Steel)

4oz Mushrooms (Steel)


15 1/4oz Soup (Steel)

11oz Mandarin Oranges (Steel)

24oz Beer

Arizona Drink

12oz drink

18oz Elements Energy Drink (very thick)

3oz Steel can with ridged bottom

Underwood Deviled Ham

Bumblebee tuna

103/4oz Soup can (Steel)

3oz Tuna can with rounded bottom

12oz Pepsi One

12oz Dr. Pepper


Special note - aluminum cans have a sprayed on layer of heat-cured protective coating (inside and outside of can) that will slowly burn off over time.  This will leave brown stains on and in your stove after use and will emit a toxic smelling vapor that  may cause a burning sensation in the lungs and/or eyes of some people.  Most people don't care or notice the burning smell, but some do.  If you would like to avoid this altogether, remove the clear coating and paint from all parts with sandpaper, steel wool and/or SOS pads prior to assembly.




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