Two Ounce Alcohol Stove System



Two Ounce Alcohol Stove System



This system was created a long time ago and isn't the best system around as is.  The stove itself would benefit from increasing the amount stove surface area above the jets.  It is an example of a lightweight stand alone system for boiling about 20oz of water for meals.


Advantages -


Drawbacks -


The can-pot is a 24oz Heineken keg-can with the top depression cut out and edges smoothed down.  The one above is polished for looks, but some feel that you should use black high temperature paint on the bottom half to aid in transfer of heat to your pot.  Others stay that a layer of paint will actually slow heat transfer, but black paint does look cool for a while before it starts rubbing off.


The upper portion of stove is a top from a Guinness can with the inner most circular crease scored and cut out.  For athletics a circular ridge from the bottom of a Coke can has been epoxied to the top section (center depression cut out and everything below bottom of outside ridge cut away).  30mm tall.


Inner cylinder is 40mm wide


The lower section is an unstretched Pepsi can bottom (fits snugly over top part) 20mm tall.


24 holes 15mm from top of can drilled with #57 drill (pushpin size). Note - if you want more heat output, you may want to drill your holes more than 15mm from the top of your can.  This allows for more of your stove to be exposed to the flames which helps keep your stove and fuel at operating temperature when a cold pot is placed on the stove.  Larger sized jet holes (pushpin size) are more dependable than smaller holes (needle size).


The Guinness can is noticeably thicker than regular 12oz cans and should add weight and presumably strength to your stove (especially if you use the Guinness can for the side wall in the inner chamber wall).


Heineken can bottoms fit perfectly around the rim and most 12oz can bottoms fit inside the rim.  Pots and pans can be placed on top of this stove.


Total weight of system is about 2oz (minus fuel and water).


Note - the Guinness cans are a bit thicker than your average can and thus make stronger, heavier and more durable stoves.



Note - This is just one of many DIY alcohol stove options.  For more information on different options visit Zen and the Art of the Alcohol Stove and the Templates page.




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