One Ounce Day Hiker Alcohol Stove System



One Ounce Day Hiker Alcohol Stove System


This system is one of my earliest attempts at a really lightweight and tiny cook system.  Alcohol stoves were still new to the hiking scene as were digital cameras to the general public.  This system does work, but there are "better" systems now and better ways to take photos.  The system shown here is great if you would like a tiny little system that can make a quick hot drink on a day hike.


Advantages -


Drawbacks -


The system is made up of:


Total weight of system is less than 1oz (minus fuel, water, drink mix and stir stick).


Twenty-four jets were drilled through the side of the stove, 15mm from the top, with a #71 drill.  The bottom section of stove is about 13mm tall (I used a utility knife blade screwed unto a 1/2inch piece of balsa wood to scribe the line).  The top piece is about 2cm tall and the inner cylinder was originally 30mm and then trimmed down until it fit together like in the picture (with the edge of the bottom section just under the jets).


Similarly sized cans made in Asia have wide top rims that allow you to store your stove in the pot, but are deceivingly heavily (heavier than a U.S. 12oz can) and a bit more durable.


Note - This is just one of many DIY alcohol stove options.  For more information on different options visit Zen and the Art of the Alcohol Stove and the Templates page.





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